Monday, May 28, 2012


Today I was so excited to receive my order from  The service was super quick and friendly, but sadly, two of my vials were damaged.  Upon calling the company they were more than happy to replace them ASAP!  Despite the damage, I highly recommend this company based on their service and pricing!

Welcome to our second journey

After 8 attempts for baby number one, we are anxious to get started on baby #2!  Plans are in the works for the first week of July visit to Dr Shivani, where I will once again spread eagle on a surgical table in New Delhi.  Why a second blog you ask?  Well, I am trying to keep this try on the down low as it could affect my return to work treatment, or not, but why risk it.  I will not be posting anything about try number 2 on our original blog as there is a possibility that some of my work mates may read it, thus, a second blog. 
This trip will be very different.  We had planned to all go to Delhi then the lack of Cailyn's citizenship made it impossible for her to go.  So, we move to plan B.  Plan B is a more stressful option for me as it means leaving both Mark and Cailyn home as I travel solo.  Fortunately Mark left a sample with Dr Shivani a while back so his part is already covered off.   I will be very sad and heartbroken to leave both of them...I worry how Cailyn will be without her mommy??  I dread that she finds it difficult, yet, I have a wonderful peace knowing that she will be with her daddy 24/7 while I am away.  
Why so soon you ask?  Well, I am not a young woman nor are my eggs.  If we want a genetic sibling for Cailyn we need to try now, and the latest AMH results have made this evidently clear!  Secondly, we do not want Cailyn to be an only child, and as it is now, she will not have any 1st cousins so she would be alone.  We are 100% confident in what we are doing, just following through on it will be difficult.
As of last week, I now have a travel companion, my sister!  I am excited to have her come along with me and revisit the "newness" of India through her eyes.  We will do the tourist stuff together and try to not get heat stroke as I understand it will be extremely hot.  As Dr Shivani said to me "Oh, you are coming to roast in Delhi".