Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Delhi Day 1

Today was a busy and hot day.  The day started with a rickshaw ride to M Block market to change money.  The market is closed on Tuesday, but the money changer is open.  The heat is intense, even in the early morning, and the humidity is a killer!  Noon time took me to Dr Shivani for a scan.  I was excited to see pictures of our Cailyn in the reception area and the office!  My scan showed lots of follicles, in the 20's which is great....at my age!  Based on what Dr S saw we changed my meds and upped the dose a bit to encourage follicle growth and egg maturity.  It was great to see Dr S again, feeling at home in her care.  We set out the rest of the weeks treatment plan and I will return on Thursday for another scan and blood work.  It was nice for my sister to meet Dr S and also see the ISIS hospital and staff.  After my medical appointment I brought my drugs on ice back to the hotel then we headed to Svelte to meet Bernadette and sweet baby Scarlett.  Scarlett is a little gem, cute as cute can be!  We had lunch and a gab with Bernadette and soon I started to feel tired so we headed back to Chirag Enclave, sort of - our taxi driver had no clue how to get to the hotel so we got him to stop as close as we could recognize and walked the rest of the way home.  The rest of the evening  was spent relaxing, eating and having a swim.  A great day overall!

The "boy" at the hotel remembered me from 2010, and at that time, I called him my boyfriend.  He was always in my room and enjoyed talking with me.  Seeing him earlier today he was quick to ask my room number.  When we returned from our outings, I found him in  my room making everything perfect and........putting rose petals on my bed! 

I skyped with Mark and Cailyn this evening and had a mini meltdown. It is very hard to see them as it makes me realize just how much I miss them.  Cailyn recognizes my voice which is wonderful!!!!!  I joke with Mark that it will all be worth it when we get 4 confirmed heartbeats HAHA!!!  I love those two more than I can explain or even manage emotionally!  I could go on and on about how hard it is to be away BUT I won't because I am here for the best reason possible and this is indeed  very positive trip and experience.  Having my sister here with me is wonderful, and sharing these days with her will be fondly remembered.

We decided to order room service and the first page of the menu has a small "lost in translation" that caught my eye...see if you can spot it..

Tomorrow we are off to meet Meg, Bob, Toby and their new BABY GIRL!  After this we plan to do some site seeing and shopping.  


  1. Tit bits it is. So glad you have your sister there with you. What a treat., I assume you will do some touristy things with her like ride the rickshaw down the main streets in Delhi so she can see all the wires and activity so close at hand. Wishing I was there with you.
    One question. Will they harvest as many eggs and put a lot in at once or just two? I think, if I remember correctly you can only do fresh eggs. How long do you expect to be there? So exciting.

  2. Glad to see you are very popular in Delhi...its about 100 F here in Jersey. So i cannot imagine what Delhi is like, thats my biggest fear!!

    So happy you are getting settled with ur sister and socializing!! can't wait to hear more updates :)

  3. Happy to hear you made it safely to Delhi and that things are going well!! Enjoy your time with your sister. Sending positive vibes for all those follicles to mature!

  4. Sending lots of positive thought to you girlfirend! Btw, Kai has placed an order off the room service menu hahahahahahahah!!!!!!!

  5. Stay cool and HAVE FUN!!!!!! We're all with you.