Friday, July 6, 2012

Delhi Day 3

Repeat after me, it is HOT here!! Ok, enough about the heat.

Today we hired Rahul's car to do some touristy stuff.  We started out to Lotus temple which was not yet open so we headed to Humyans Tombs.  I have been here before but wanted my sister to see this.  The tombs are incredible and to think that they ate that old and still standing is amazing!  We walked the tombs and the grounds until I felt my rubber soles melting.

Pretty Peacock just hanging out with us!

After this we headed to the Presidents House for, just for a quickie drive by.  Vehicles are not allowed to stop on the road in the surrounding area for the obvious security threats.  I personally enjoyed driving around and around it as we were in an air conditioned car and it gave me a chance to drop my temperature a bit.

After the tooling around the Presidents House we went to India Gate, again shoe soles were melting so we decided to just get some pictures and get back into the A/C!!

My sister kinda decided last minute to see if she could go to Agra to see Taj Mahal tonight, for sunset.  Rahul made it happen and she took off with the driver at 1:30pm, it is now 11:15 pm and they have not yet returned....Now,at almost two am she has returned!  She had a wild day, and I may ask her to write a guest post about it.

While my sister was at Agra I was at ISIS Hospital to meet Dr Shivani. My scan showed lots of follicles, but the growth was not maybe as good as we had wished for. I have decided not to stress about it and see what Saturdays scan brings!  I was fortunate to bump into a woman from Ireland at the hospital whom I had been chatting with previously in email.  We were able to catch up really quick and swap cycle stories.  It is always great to be in Delhi and meet up with the people you have emailed with or followed on blogs.

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  1. So glad your sister got to the Taj Mahal. Can't go to India without seeing it. Melted soles-too much.