Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Delhi Day 2

Wednesday was another full day.  Again, HOT and humid!!!  Today is expected to be 53 Celsius, or 127 Fahrenheit - a nice comfortable heat!   There is much talk about when the monsoon rains will start, and rumor is that it will be today.  Locals in outlying areas of Delhi are very anxious for the rain as the lack of it is causing long power outages and hurting the farmers.  We will see if today brings the predicted early monsoon rains.

Wednesday started out with a trip to meet up with Megan, Bob, Toby and Mishali.  Finding where they were staying proved very difficult for not one, but two rickshaw drivers.  One dropped us off at a location with the same address but it turned out we were in the wrong district, so we flagged down a second rickshaw who did manage to get us there after alot of circling around, asking locals for directions and more driving in circles.  At one point he left his rickshaw with us as he headed off to find a reliable source of route info.  So..when your rickshaw driver is away, you play!

Our rickshaw drivers head
We finally arrived to meet the whole family, Toby greeted us with a two year olds energy and lack of fear of strangers.  This kid is adorable!!! You may have seen his picture on Megs blog, but in person he is even more gorgeous.  Then there is sweet Mishali.  She is cute cute cute, tiny (hard to believe Cailyn was this size) and what a well natured baby!!!  I have known Megan for a very long time as we started out in Mumbai together in 2008 so it was great to meet in person after all these years.  We had a great gab as my sister played nanny and playmate to mister Toby.  They ate mango, my sister washed up Toby's face, then his arms and feet as requested by Toby.  Sweet Mishali slept contently in her little bed and only required a feed as we were just leaving.  After a couple hours we headed out and made our way to M Block where my sister bought a Kurta and I bough milk for my coffee.  Of course we then headed to MOD (Mad over Donuts) and picked some up to bring back to the hotel. Since it was now after noon, it was extremely hot, and pounding the pavement caught up to me so we headed back to the hotel for a swim to cool off and grab a bite to eat.  After a few very relaxing hours we headed out to Dilli Haat.  Dilli Haat is an open air market with local hand crafts, and jewelry.  The sun was covered by the clouds at this time so the temperature was bearable and we enjoyed the market, even the overwhelming calls of "madam" as each vendor tried to get us to come by something, anything!

I forgot to mention that when we returned back to the hotel mid-day, my "boyfriend" had cleaned my room and left me another surprise!  My sister is starting to get really jealous!!!

Wednesday evening we had plans to have dinner with Kim and Bernadette.  A little confusion on the meeting info (my fault - my estrogen is high dammit!).  Anyway, we ended up seeing each other and it was great to see Kim.  I have been in Delhi three times and every time Kim happens to be here at the same time.  Since our dinner was a bit messed up, we plan to have coffee and dessert tonight to have a proper catc up.
Today we are off to do some site seeing with my bestest mate Rahul.  Rahul is just not my driver, he has become liek a brother to Mark and I.  We love Rahul and our time with him in Delhi!  Anywho.. off today to be tourists and see things like Red Fort and India Gate. I have a scan at noon so hopefully my follicles will be be at the 1.5 range, up from 1.3 on Tuesday. And speaking of follicles, I did my first shot with my new drugs ...not as bad as I anticipated just a lot of work to prepare!  Here is my mess after finally getting it taken care of...

I continue to miss Mark and Cailyn with a very heavy heart.  When I am busy here in Delhi it is easier, but the moment I stop I am sad to be without them.  It is almost too much for me to see Cailyn on skype..very difficult.  BUT I am here for the good so I am making the best of it, knowing all is ok at home and soon I will return to my loves and get back to the daily grind and loving them!
I think so far my sister is enjoying the trip and loving the experiences of Delhi. She plans to go to Agra and maybe even Jaipur if she can!!


  1. Must do Taj Mahal if she can. Can't go that far without seeing some sights. Glad to hear all is going well. I wish I were there with you. I loved every moment when I visited India.

  2. Hi Kerrie, just found your new blog. I can understand how much you must be missing Mark and Cailyn but baby number 2 is will complete your baby. Enjoy Delhi, you'll be home before you know it.

  3. Glad to hear things are moving along for you in Delhi Kerrie. I can only imagine how much you must be missing your husband and gorgeous little girl and I hope the time goes quickly and you are all together again soon. You are very lucky to have such a wonderful sister to be there with you.
    I have met Toby in person too and he really is a good looking little fellow with a beautiful smile!!
    Keep the updates coming and I hope your scan showed some nice big follicles!!