Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Last few days in Delhi

The last few days have gone by so quickly!! It is now 3am Delhi time, I am awake and soon to get ready to board a plane for the long trip home. 
Monday was a very big day for me as I had a documentary team come and film me.  The team arrived at 9:30 am and we had decided to do the filming on the roof top patio at the hotel, but sadly after about 40 minutes the threat of rain brought us into my room.  The documentary is intended to present the positive side of Surrogacy in India, with discussion from both IP's (like me) and surrogates.   All in all the interview was very very positive and I really hope I get to see the end result.  The documentary will take a long time to complete and we are optimistic that we will return in March for baby pick up and be able to film a conclusion to our story.

After the excitement of the shoot we decided to head to the SCI office so I could take care of one outstanding thing.  As we entered the lounge at the office I immediately recognized the man sitting there, it was Fredrik!!!  After catching up, he invited us to come back to his apartment for coffee and meet the twins!! We were really excited to meet the twins Selma and Alexander.  Fredrik and I started out in Mumbai together many years ago, so to finally meet was wonderful!

As you can see the twins are GORGEOUS!! Perfect little bundles to complete Fredrik and Roberts family.  Their two year old awaits the return of them back in Sweden.  We had a coffee and chatted about how improved the exit process now is and swapped stories. Meeting IP's makes for wonderful memories, and especially meeting people you have known via blogs and forums for a very long time.  Congrats Fredrik, Robert and Alwina on the twins!! A beautiful and very full family.
After our social visit with Fredrik we had dinner plans with the gang.  We met at Diva in M Block Market GK2.  A really nice Italian restaurant, a little pricey, but with good company it made no difference.  We were a large group!  Dave and Kath from Canada, a couple from Ireland, Leonie from Australia, Megan and Bob from Australia, Elland and Issac from Tel Aviv, Philip and Adam from UK/Aust who brought sweet baby Noah and of course my sister and I.   The food was good as was the company!  I think it is super important to connect with IP's when you are in Delhi - make dinner plans and spread the word! The memories you make with all these new people are everlasting!
I am waiting on a pic of our big group to share, but for now, here is a nice enough pic of Megan and I.

Next trip to Delhi will involve a trip to the plastic surgeon for my neck rolls!
Tuesday was egg retrieval day.  We decided to hit up Ashkradham temple in the morning with Kathy,  Rahul got us there and the place is huge!   No cameras were allowed so we ended up getting the cheesy professional posed shot!  As we walked the temples I mentioned to the girls that it was so perfect that it looked almost fake.  They were trying to convince me to enjoy the awe of how old the structure was and just how perfect the stone work was.  I didn't really buy into it, but, went along.  Well, sure enough, I was speaking with some gents here at the hotel for a conference who informed me that this marvel of a temple was actually constructed about 5 years ago!  They laughed at us even thinking it was built in the 1700's and also laughed at how it maybe now lost some of its mystic charm! 

Our cheesy shot in front of the temple!! Good memories!

A very impressive sprawling temple!

After the temple, we returned to the hotel to freshen up then grabbed a rickshaw to ISIS hospital.  The nurses at the hospital are amazing, very warm and caring.  I was checked in, filled in my consent, had my pulse, bp and weight done then we were ready to roll.  Dr Shivani came to my room quickly to say hi and wish me well.  Soon after I headed to the operating theatre where the very efficient team we in the midst of getting ready.  The anaesthesiologist was very kind in explaining what was being shot into my cannula, and soon Dr S entered.  We had a quick chat, then I was asleep.  Next thing I knew I was in my recovery room, struggling to open my eyes despite being alert.  I had some episodes of dizziness and nausea but overall my recovery went well.  Now, we await fertilization results, then transfer details, then beta!! The fun is officially ON!!
This has been a great trip to Delhi, despite missing Cailyn and Mark.  It has been fun to share this experience with my sister and hope that she enjoyed her time in Delhi and Agra~!


  1. Hiya Kerrie thanks for sharing your story, I'm due to have egg retrieval in sept, my first time so a little nervous, reading your blog has been reassuring for me, I hope I can take in the process and enjoy India half as much as you, I will be happy, wishing you the very very best on the next steps of your journey xx

  2. How many eggs did they catch?

  3. Congratulations on completing your cycle! I am have been following along and sending well wishes, but I have been having trouble commenting. I hope your tww goes quickly. Safe travels.

  4. Have a safe trip girfriend and we will see you home!!!

  5. Kerrie, I just realized you're keeping a second blog, so I've just caught up on your second trip. sooo soo jealous that you're meeting all the "stars" of the surrogacy world! Sending lots of baby dust your way...on second thought, maybe just a moderate quantity!

  6. LOVE that you were able to meet up with so many people this trip! Isn't that the best part of the process (aside from getting a baby, of course!)? Really neat that you were able to help with a documentary about surrogacy. I wish that we could find somethings like that to show to family and friends when explaining this process. There is so much out there that is negative. We need to balance the scales! Best wishes for a fruitful 2WW!

  7. Safe travels home to your hubby and sweet little girl!!

  8. Hoping Dr S was able to get lots of eggs and that they all fertilised! So hoping that this is a positive for you. x

  9. Hope your home now safe and sound. Looks and sounds as if you had a lovely time in Delhi. Hopefully some positive news to follow shortly.

  10. Best wishes for a successful transfer and result!!! Glad you got home and sorry to hear it was such a rough trip!!! Best wishes,K&J