Friday, July 13, 2012

Delhi-Munich-delay-London-DELAY, reroute Halifax- delay-Toronto

Holy moly!! Did we have a hell of a trip home! We left for Delhi airport around 6 am.  I was feeling a bit rough since it was just over 12 hours since being discharged from ISIS hospital.   Fortunately, the staff at Shervani hotel helped us with our bags, as Dr Shivani told me no heavy lifting at all!  Rahul picked us up and sped us off to the airport, and I when I say sped I mean it.  We travelled at speeds of 120-160km/hr!  It was a bit of a death trap drive, but we laughed all the way!  Delhi airport was easy, check in, security, wait then board.  Smooth sailing! The flight to Munich was easy, no issues.   Munich airport ended up switching gates on us, and the walking around the airport started to cause me pain, real horrible abdominal pain.  I managed to find a few seats in the airport to lay down, but it was not enough rest.  We boarded the plane in Munich, sat on the tarmac for 45 minutes then finally got up in the air..hmm...this delay was pushing it for our connection at London, but, lets not panic.  Finally we land at Heathrow.  We had to hustle to the shuttle buses to get to Terminal 3 as we landed in terminal 1.  Trying to walk at a speed to catch this plane became too much for me.  The pain and sheer exhaustion caught up with me.  As we boarded the shuttle bus, I had a melt down.  The pain was incredible and we we shoved into a bus, like sardines, I couldn't breathe, the pain was overwhelming and my temperature was soaring.  I was not feverish, just hormonally spiking. I melted down, having I guess what would be called a panic attack - not like me at all. After the shuttle bus we had to climb the emergency stairs to the plane, and my pain level continued to soar.  On the plain I loaded up on pain meds and calmed myself down.  After a few minutes I started to feel better, as best could be considering the circumstances.  I could not wait for this plane to get going, we we on the home stretch.  But of course, no...we sat there and sat there.  The pilot said there was a weather delay, then 1 hour later he said we were #22 in the cue to leave, then 1 hour later we started to reverse out of the gate, then we stopped.  Then 1 hour later the pilot said there was a mechanical issue and that the mechanic team was on its way, one hour later we saw the luggage trucks and shuttle buses arrive and 35 minutes later we were de-planing and getting onto the shuttle buses.  OMf'ingG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Almost 5 hours stuck on the plane with no action!!  We were told we would be rerouted to Halifax then shipped home to Toronto.  The shuttle buses carted us to gate 28 where we sat for another hour, then finally, we boarded the plane.  It was more than time for my pain meds again, way more than time!  Finally, we boarded and our captain welcomed us aboard.  Surprisingly the entire plane full of people were well behaved, and all going with the flow.  The senior steward had a great sense of humor and his announcements were quite entertaining as he mocked the last 6 hours.  We made it to Halifax and sat on the plane for about 1 hour as they refuelled and the new crew boarded.  Two hours later we landed at Pearson airport.   Thanks to Air Canada we waited 2 hours for our luggage - being the only flight at that time of day you would think our luggage would have come quickly!  Finally after almost 37 hours, we departed the airport and headed home. 
Travelling after egg retrieval can be a bit stressful to start with, but add on the crap we dealt with and I was done. My abdomen swollen and painful, bending and sitting difficult, but it did not matter at this point as I was home!!!  Marky picked us up at the airport with coffee in hand.  We dropped my sister off after this long journey and made our way home.  I was excited to see Cailyn!!!!  Baby girl was asleep when I got home, so I enjoyed my coffee and caught up with Mark and his mom. About one hour later Cailyn awoke and it took her a minute to figure me out.  She sat up, looked at me and eventually said Hi, waved then gave me a big hug.  Her hug melted my heart, and I was now really and officially home.
Dr Shivani gave us our initial results, which were pretty good.   12 eggs retrieved, 10 mature and 8 fertilized.  All very average looking embryos at this point!  I am thinking today is transfer day, but am feeling quite confused with what day is what!
Congrats to Kathy and Dave on your BABY GIRL!!!! Amy Claire is very lucky to have parents like Dave and Kathy!! Cannot wait to meet this little girl when you return to Canada.
My poor sister had a rough return home as she got very ill - we are thinking it was just pure exhaustion and the 37 hours of chaos catching up with her.  Hopefully today she feels much better!  I doubt I can convince her to do this travel with me again!
Ok,I am exhausted..time for a coffee and snuggles with Cailyn! 


  1. Holy moly......37 hours !!!!!! Wow, you are a total trooper travelling so soon after retrieval but completely know the need to be home as possible. Once the job is done every second away feels excessive.
    Best wishes for a joyous 2ww : )
    Hope your sister is feeling better too.

  2. OMFG. How are you today? What a long journey back and even longer but you want to get home. Relax and take it easy for a few days. Just enjoy Cailyn.

  3. Welcome home. Enjoy your snuggles and coffee and baby blessings to you on your transfer..

  4. Hope you've managed to stay horizontal for at least 12 hours after you got home - great excuse to have a nap with Miss C if I've ever heard one!! And that flight time is ridiculous, but you already know that... Wishing that both you and your sister are feeling half normal by now.

    Best news is 8 embies. That is really, really good. And average is more than fine.

  5. Glad you are home safe and sound with your hubby and little girl. Keeping our fingers crossed for your transfer.

  6. OMG that was torture! I travelled home the day of an egg retrieval and it was not fun at all so to combine that with delays - awful. Thankfully you are home safely. I think those results are good for your eggs! Let's hope they result in a healthy pregnancy or 2. x

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