Sunday, July 8, 2012

Delhi Day 6

I had to let my sister try MacDonald's in India, it is kind of a fun thing to do. So, this morning we passed on the hotel breakfast buffet and walked over to Nehru Place Metro station area for a McD's breakfast. There was merely one person in line ahead of us, that's it, just the whole place.  We waited patiently behind this person and about 10 minutes later we were able to finally place our order.  It was a strangely long wait, but I guess the crew working there today could only manage one order at a time.  My sister asked for a cup of tea, and no, no tea was available.  Tea not available in India - sure seems strange. So, my sister ordered a diet coke, and again, not available, so under pressure she ordered a Fanta (yuck) and a bottle of Kinley water.  We were asked to take a seat and wait for our food.  A good ten minutes later some of our food was delivered to our table, I say some as the egg mcmuffin and bottle of water were still pending.  What a riot!! The food was good, typical McDonalds and the experience memorable.  As we finished up eating a man approached us and asked if we knew where a particular street was.  He was from France and backpacking around the world with his girlfriend.  My sister spoke French to them and I told her to tell them to come back to our hotel so they can use out Internet and phone.  They were very happy for our offer!  They have been gone from France for 3.5 months now having been to Italy, Turkey, Iran and Nepal.  They will be in India for one month then off to Thailand.  We were able to help them get where they needed to go and they were grateful for the help.
My belly is full, not of food but follicles.  I feel satisfied with carrying around my sack of potatoes belly, despite the fullness and being mildly uncomfortable. This is a good sign and one you hope to have at the end of an IVF cycle!  Since I am starting to feel this weight and fatigue that comes with it, my sister and I decided to have a pretty quiet day.  We both had a lunchtime snooze then headed off to N Block Market,   I NEVER shop in India, never, but I got totally suckered in today when it came to a few items for Cailyn. 
A blanket for Cailyn, sweet pink baby birds!

Bread and More cafe in N Block - amazing service and lots of great food to eat! Also is a bakery with fresh baked breads.

Shalom - where we ate dinner on Saturday night

Bread and More - YUM!

Cailyn is old school and likes Teletubbies - if we are ever in India with her we can get this cake for her!
A special outfit for Cailyns first birthday!
It is late and I have to do my trigger shot very early in the morning, YAY!! Last needle of this cycle, well besides the 18" needle Dr S will use to pierce each and every one of my follicles in both ovaries, methodically draining them of every ounce of fluid, looking for mature eggs, but that will be it, last needle!


  1. All the best on the Meds being done. Funny, we have two outfits for our girls from the same store in N Block Market for their 1st birthday!

  2. Loved Viber (ing) with you this morning. Also some skype. Amazing we can speak and talk for free and text as well from Los Angeles to India. Can't wait until the mature eggs are ready to go into the surrogates. I see babies in your future.

  3. Wow, you are a trooper. Hooray for the last needle you will 'feel' for this cycle and bestest wishes for an overflowing petrie dish!!!

  4. Oh what a pretty outfit!! love it!!! And I cannot believe that you actually found a teletobies cake in India! That is hilarious! Yay for the end of the meds. I really hoped I would have the chance to Skype with you today so that I can wish you good luck with the procedure. We are thinking about you here and sending you hugs and kisses.

  5. Good Luck with your procedure. Fingers crossed for a successful and plentiful retrieval. I love the little dress - so cute!!

  6. I meant to get my friend to try McDonalds when we were there. It really is a different experience in India. So glad all is going well for your follicles! Wishing you lots of baby dust and hoping flying home is ok. x

  7. Yay, yay and YAY - you're on the home stretch. So glad you've been having a great trip and catching up with new and old friends. Remind your sister that we want her guest post about the trip to Agra.


    ps - finally got myself a smartphone so will be able to check in more regularly

  8. Whoops - forgot to comment on your McDonald's experience. I can still distinctly remember Nik just about leaping out of the car and bounding up two flights of stairs in three steps when we came across our first McD's in Mumbai. Poor boy was dreaming of hamburgers and every meat product you could imagine by this stage, and the look on his face when he realised it was a chicken or vegetarian menu was priceless. Still makes me laugh to think about it. :)

  9. Hey! Totally didn't know you'd started a different blog! LOVE the stuff you bought! Isn't N Block a neat place? Hope all goes well with you, and there are many eggs to work with after the collection! Best wishes!